bKash payment gateway

How do you set up a bKash payment gateway from an Woo-Commerce website?

How do you set up a bKash payment gateway from an Woo-Commerce website?

Hello friends how are you all Today I will introduce you to such a plugin. To set up payment gateways to your site through that WordPress plugin. Friends have our e-commerce site. But we can take payment from buyers through development if we want. If someone goes to buy or order a product from your site but can pay for it directly on your site. This means you can set up a payment gateway with the bKash plugin. For example, PayPal pays through Pay Now or Google, but the payment gateway is Amazon AliExpress or all the other major shipping websites. This is how you can set up payment gateways on your site from Bangladesh.  

bKash payment gateway

Since it is only you who will do the dropshipping business in Bangladesh or sell something on your website. He is the one who will take the payment for most of the development payments. Because the most popular mobile banking in Bangladesh is development. 


It is very easy to pay for any work. So if you want to use this plugin for free then you must read today’s full article. Today I will try to explain in detail how to setup this article. 

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If you want to apply this plugin to your site then you must go to your WordPress web site and search for Plugin Add New Blood Payment Gateway bKash for WC. By typing and searching, you can easily install the bKash WordPress plugin for free. Then you need to get inside. Now you will get all the settings or some advanced options from here you have to do the work from there.

How to add a payment system from Woo-Commerce website.

Before that I am going to share some more secrets with you. It iscurrent version updated to the1.3.0. Last updated about 7 months ago. The number of people who do business in development is increasing day by day. The most interesting thing is that there are some reviews of this development plugin, those reviews are given in full five stars, no one has faced any problem, so each one is very good. 


Personal plugins are my favorite and even favorite. To add this plugin to your site, you must first install and activate it. 


One more important thing if I want to share with you. This is where you can make card payments without any question when you make a payment as it is such a secure system that you don’t have to worry about any hassle when you make a payment here. If you look at Daraz BD shops in Bangladesh or various big e-commerce sites, they take payment through these bKash plugins. Then they are but of course able to deliver home.


Now let’s see how you set it up.

But you have to keep in mind that there is another plugin called eCommerce to set up this plugin. You will have to install and activate it first and then you will click on the settings of that eCommerce plugin. Then you have to click on the payment option from above. Then you can see at the bottom there is a development system that is in the off shape. Even if the switch is off, you have to turn it on and do the work.


You have to mistakenly switch the development option from the right pass and click on the setup option. Before that there is one more task for which you will go straight to the bottom left side there is an option called bKash WP there you must click on your bKash API key from settings. App secret, username and password you need to enter here. And of course you have to click test mode from above. That means you have to tick.


When everything is given, you will finally click on save change. Here is a little more important work. If you need to generate these secret codes or apps, you need to open a bKash merchant account. You can’t find out how to open this merchant account by calling bKash helpline. Now you can open this merchant account. Now you can easily get this information on your site and set up a payment gateway. Thank you all for reading the full article. 

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