master of the camera

Learn if you have a camera on your phone. Everyone will say master of the camera

So this video is just for you. Today in this video I will show you some special settings of the camera that most people don’t know. If you know these settings then I guarantee that no one will force you to tell me the master of the camera. Not only have you watched a few minutes of video but you can learn some unknown settings of the camera.

Learn if you have a camera on your phone

Move to the camera of your smartphone. When you come to the camera. look at the top. There are some three line options here. Or go to settings. You have to click on the logo icon in the settings. I went to the logo icon in the settings. An important and special setting. Most people don’t know. People don’t know. There is an option called volume button. Click there. If you have Sylhet. you can increase or decrease the volume wherever you go to the camera. There are three settings. Many people don’t know how to set the setting by clicking on it. Then I went back to the camera forNow you come to the country. Now if youyou

Everyone will say master of the camera

fifteen days.can’t take photos with the cut of the ball.must select the above option. I came back to those settings. There is an option below. Check number three goes to the camera. With the Aslam bag on top of my phone’s volume button if there are four of them so far and if there’s an update here click on the said button wanting to take a selfie the settings icon has arrived. The volume button software that is there. click on the option above and set it. Now. if you click here. you will see that the photo is going still very


whether it expensive or no matter how low it is in the camera but no extra effect can be given. Normally but you have to take a photo then you post using a lot of software so don’t you know using the software in your phone you can take a photo of the restless ones which you will be surprised to see how it will go to see immediately the camera will open I came to 

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