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Realme 8 Pro Full Review 2021 & Price in Bangladesh

Hello friends. many of you probably know how everyone is. Real Mi 8 Pro Mobile T has been released in the current Bangladesh market. I will talk about why you should buy this mobile. what variants the mobile has been made in today’s topic. so be sure to keep reading the full article of Kuna Ten. Friends. This phone is currently available in Bangladesh at Tk 27,999 with GB RAM and 128GB ROM. I like the features of this phone so much that I will comment on what you will buy this phone for. If you want to buy such a phone within your budget. 


Realme 8 Pro Full Review

One of the most amazing things is the camera. But before I tell you later about the camera. I will try to tell you serial by serial how profitable this phone will be. The phone has 2g 3g 4g service at Saree Fight 2. Those who want to buy it can clean it. However. I would say that the price of onion is very high in the current market. so it is better to skip the pastor because if you want to buy a Five-G phone. you can definitely move towards 2022. 


Mobile Feature

The Five-G phone is so expensive in the current market that if you want to buy it. you can buy an iPhone with that money. Of course, I will recommend you if you are currently on 4g if your phone needs an emergency. Forty was released on March 25. 2008. Realm released it in Bangladesh. This is why you can get this Realm phone at any shop in Bangladesh. Of course, the name of this phone I am telling you again is Real Mi 8 Q. There has been a lot of talk about this phone online lately and everyone is interested in buying it.


Real Mi 8P In this phone you get the benefit of 4K video recording. Whose quality will be very unstable? On its back camera, you can see four cameras, and those cameras I am talking about your pixels in phases. Before that, I will give you the list of features in the form of PDAF. LED flash. 119º ultrawide. macro. depth & more. 



So now I am sharing with you the megapixels of the camera in the same way Quad 108 + 8 + 2 + 2 Megapixel. Now you can do great photography at 108 megapixels. Impossible to do on other phones with the same budget which is not possible with other normalization. 


The display of this phone is 6.4 inches. That will make you feel very comfortable using it. Technology has given the phone a Super AMOLED touchscreen. Which is currently the best display on the market. The front camera of the phone has a 16-megapixel professional officer with an F / 2.5 aperture. 1 / 3.0 ″. 1.0µm. HDR & more.8P



Real Mi. You are going to get a 4500 mAh battery in this phone. This allows you to use mobile for a long time. There is also a non-removable battery that you will not be able to open later. The operating system of this phone is Android Eleven Realm UI 2.0.


Which is the best and new operating system in the current market. What I like most is that this phone has a charger. You get a 50-watt super dart fast charger on the phone. You will only need 47 minutes to charge 100 percent. You can also charge 50% in 17 minutes. Which is a very nice mobile charger in the current market. You will get 8 GB of RAM on the phone. You will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset on the phone. Display Full HD resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels (411 PPI). 


It’s font glass and back part or body plastic. The phone can use dual nano-SIM. I hope you know the message is important. I have told you the important things. Also. if you know anything more. you can let us know by commenting. We will try to tell you in more detail to help you further. If you go to the second part. you must tell us. Thanks, everyone for reading this article carefully. 

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