Samsung Galaxy A52 Review

Samsung Galaxy A52 Review 2021 and Price in BD

Friends we shared with you in the last article Samsung Galaxy A72. I gave this phone a full review. but if you have any confusion. I would like to comment. But there I told you a little bit that we will talk in the next article on Samsung Galaxy A52. What will this phone look like for you and for those who want a good phone within a normal budget? I will tell you everything about how good or bad this phone is. However. we will try to give you a little better details about what is inside the phone. What are the benefits and what are the features that you are getting so that you can understand whether you will buy this phone or not? 

Samsung Galaxy A52 Review 2021

I think this phone has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Bangladesh Since it has been officially released and it has been given an official price of Rs. 33.999 and it has been released on 26th March 2021 i.e. in the last episode we did this Samsung Galaxy A72 this phone and Samsung Galaxy A52 has released on the same day in Bangladesh. 

Samsung Galaxy A72 Review 2021


I told you both about its current price. Now you must compare the price between the two and considering its good and bad aspects you can take anyone phone but we have completed the review of Samsung Galaxy A52 so far but now we will tell you about it.  


However. the models of the two phones or the color variants of the two phones are the same. although the two look the same. If you look at the impressions of the two phones you will see that they look alike and you will not know which one is Samsung Galaxy A72 on Samsung Galaxy. You can take fifty-two. Like the Samsung Galaxy A72 but the Samsung Galaxy A52 has been given a punch in it.


And on this phone, you will get a 4K video recording option and a Super AMOLED touchscreen display. However. This phone has a 25 WAS fast-charging system and in just 30 minutes you will get a 50% charging feature. 


The back camera of this phone uses four cameras in total. One camera you will get 64 megapixels and the second camera you will get only 12 megapixels and the other two will get 5 megapixels. Here are some pictures of the 64-megapixel camera. The picture quality is good enough and the surf nice.



 What I like most about this phone is that you get the option of video recording on the front camera. Like the Samsung Galaxy A72. The Samsung Galaxy A52 has a 4500mAh battery. Get a long battery backup if you use only regular phone calls or anything else. In this phone, you get two variants of GB RAM and 16 GB RAM. In addition to the 128 GB of RAM, you will get. you will get a 256 GB memory room where you will not need any external memory.


Here you will find your operating system. You can lock your fingerprint on the phone. Fingerprints will be in your display options. There will be no fingerprints on the back of other phones. This phone has an octa-core processor. This phone has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as protection. Hopefully, you like this fruit very much. if you like it. you must decide for yourself which one you like best. Thanks, everyone for reading the full article. If you like it. you can share the article with your friends and comment on what you missed and what you want to know later. 

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