Samsung Galaxy A72 Price

Samsung Galaxy A72 Review 2021 | Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Hello friends. how are you all? Today I will talk to you about a mobile that you must know the brand of the company. Friends. today we will talk about the Samsung 72 model. Friends you all probably know that Samsung released Galaxy A71 last year. And another model released was the Samsung Galaxy A51. In the same way. They have launched the Samsung Galaxy A52 and Samsung Galaxy A72 this year. We will talk later about the more expensive phones they have launched with the iPhone. but now we will only talk about the Samsung Galaxy A72. That phone has become much more viral and popular in recent times. But last year you all had a lot of fun using the old version of this phone. 

Samsung Galaxy A72 2021

Friends. we will try to tell you how much this phone is worth in Bangladesh and when it was released. The phone was released in Bangladesh on March 26. 2021. You will get the phone in four color variants. Awesome Black. Awesome White. Awesome Violet. Awesome Blue. This phone does not have any kind of Five-G facility. we do not need it now. Because according to the condition of the network in Bangladesh. it is better for us to be in 4g. 


You will get a hybrid dual SIM in the phone. In which you can also use only 2 SIMs. You can also disable a SIM enable. However. I do not know why many people have been given an account facility on the phone. but the FM radio system in this phone is turned off or not. You are going to get a Type C charger on the phone. Also. if you look up at the display of your phone. you will see that it is a punctual display. There is also a small sphere that you can use to take pictures. In a word. It is a front camera. The phone has Gorilla Glass 5 front. And plastic bodies. 

Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Although plastic. This phone is just as effective as glass. Because if you use this phone. there is no such thing as a small thing. On the phone, you will get the benefit of Ultra HD 4k video recording also has a 90Hz refresh rate. Now let’s talk in more detail about the phone’s camera.


On the back camera of the phone, you will get a total of four quad cameras. On 4 cameras you will get 64 megapixels. 8 megapixels. 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel cameras. With 64 megapixels you can take pictures very well. 

Samsung Galaxy A72 Review

The display has a Full HD display. You can use it to watch videos smartly. touch the screen on the phone and the display is very good. But the display of this phone is so long that you will see a 6.7-inch display. Features of the phone are PDAF. 1 / 1.7X ”. 0.8µm. OIS. macro. 123º ultrawide. telephoto. LED flash & more. 


You will get the price of the phone in Bangladesh at 45 thousand 999 rupees. However. with this, you will get only 8 GB RAM and also 256 GB ROM. Which you must feel comfortable using. Feel free to share our post with your friends if you like the review. You can also comment and let us know what kind of articles you expect from our site. 


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