Vivo V20 Price

Vivo V20 Updates Price in Bangladesh & Full Specifications

Friends. today I am going to talk to you about a great topic for those who are thinking of buying a Vivo phone or you like the Vivo phone much better than other fruits. Going. The phone was priced at Rs 32.990 when it first hit the market. Its price has dropped to around three thousand rupees and if you want to buy at this price then this phone is the best choice for you. 


Vivo V20 Updates Price in Bangladesh

I would say if you have done a lot of research on Vivo phones then you don’t need to do any more research from now on you can buy this phone without any hesitation. Complaints about the phone will not come to your office because the phone is so good that when it came out with this phone. but many people bought the phone ticket for 32 thousand 989 rupees. So compared to that. you are getting the phone for less than 3000 rupees. but the official phone in the market. 


So now we will talk about the full specification of the phone. They just released the phone below on 19 October 2020. So imagine not long after it was released but in these few days, the price has dropped so much that you must be surprised. 


Mobile Full Specifications

The model number of the phone I said once again is Vivo v20. Who am I to tell you one more time? Anyway. at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first. Phone has GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM or set memory. 


The phone allows you to use maximum Forge speed internet where 50 benefits have not yet been provided. The phone has a lithium-polymer 4000 battery. The battery that you can’t remove is called a welding battery in our Bengali language.  The phone also has a ticket micro-SD slot. This allows you to use extra memory cards. The phone has a 2.3 GHz octa-core processor. The phone has an Android 11 operating system. 



Now let’s talk about the phone camera. The phone has the advantage of 4K Ultra HD video recording. This allows you to make clear video recordings at close range. The city will have 44 megapixels. The feature of the camera is autofocus. The phone has a triple camera. You can see it by looking at the back part. On the highest phone, you can record video with a 64-megapixel camera at 4k. The phone has a touchscreen.


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Partridge display size 6.4 inches. It is made of glass font material. As a charger you get Type-c and the phone has a minimal notch on the display. You can buy the Vivo phone in a maximum of 4 color variants. So let us know what color variants are in this Vivo V20 phone. First color Sunset Melody. Midnight Jazz. Moonlight Sonata. This phone has a 33-watt fast charging facility which is capable of taking a maximum of 65 percent charge in 30 minutes. So you can buy the phone from the market without delay. 


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